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The activities of the Fund are vast and include the active participation in numerous conservation, rehabilitation and wildlife protection programs. Our primary goal is to preserve the wildlife habitat, along with the biodiversity of fauna and flora of the land we own and/or utilise.


We have long realised, that we needed to put our money where our mouth is and every Rand invested by the Fund donors and our membership, is used as effectively and efficiently as possible. Expanding human populations and encroachment into previously managed wildlife areas has caused the fragmentation of our wildlife habitats, bringing man and beast into conflict on a more regular basis with one another.


Through our membership, large tracts of land has been preserved as both economically and ecologically viable units, often in marginal or semi-arid agricultural areas. Land protection and future acquisition, along with the conversion of sustainable wildlife management areas is vital, for the survival of our wildlife in Africa. Habitat destruction and fragmentation is a death sentence to our wildlife.


Hunting, is one of the most important wildlife management tools available in the remote rural areas of the country for our food security and long term economic survival of those land owners and employees in the region, where no other alternative employment opportunities exist.


Previously we have supported WESSA, EWT, Wildlands Conservation Trust, Zululand Rhino Reserve and the South African National Parks with their conservation projects and anti-poaching initiatives.


Our message is well documented in our “A Conservationist’s Cry” video, a presentation that was made for distribution at the COP17 CITES Convention in 2016.



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