The Peanut Party

Date: 21 October 2017?

Venue: Tyger Valley College, Silver Lakes, Pretoria, Gauteng


Cost: R200.00 per person


Hi Everybody


I want to hold a PEANUT PARTY to generate funds for the Kuierkidz Leersentrum, I plan to get at least R 65 000.00 together with this PARTY in one evening ! but I am aiming for R 100 000.00


I am planning to hold this event the last weekend in May 2017 or the first weekend in June 2017


A PEANUT PARTY is an event where people come to see a concert and instead of clapping hands they throw peanuts, I know this sounds very weird to you, but I have been to 5 PEANUT PARTIES FUNDRAISERS that was very successful


The tickets will cost R200 per person X 200 people, which will include, the show + a meal + wine + a polystyrene hat


We will also hold an auction on this evening


This will not cost PHASA or KUIERKIDZ anything as I will get donations for everything – THE PHASA FUND will handle the ticket sales and all monies generated towards this event


For the food, I will get 20 Corporate Companies to hold a Potjiekos Competition in the afternoon, before the show, for which they will provide their own ingredients as a donation towards the evening, and they will have to pay an entry fee in order to participate as there will be prizes for the winners (which I will organise)


The wine I will get donated, for the rest everybody can bring their own coolboxes ( KUIERKIDZ can sell coldrinks and ice to raise funds if they like?) As people will be using alcohol, no under 18’s will be allowed


The peanuts, polystyrene hats, cups and food holders, I will get somebody to donate


THE SHOW !! this is the best part, will be a SOAP / COMEDY / MUSICAL of which I will write the script for, and the ACTORS will be PHASA Personnel and Members and parents of the KUIERKIDS children, and a few of the owners of the business’s that is going to donate money towards holding this evening


We held a yearly PEANUT PARTY for charity in PAARL and every year within the first week after advertising the date, the tickets would be sold out as companies would book for their staff a year in advance


Please let me know what you think of this idea, as I would need to get started on it as soon as I get the green light from you


Thank you




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